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    In the spring of 1977, Lee purchased her first sheep, a black Dorset ewe lamb.  The next year,  a black Romney ram lamb followed creating what would become a colorful crossbred flock.  Each year we selected the desired characterististics of good mothering, producers of twins and triplets, good milkers, good wool quality, fast gain, and meaty carcasses - a combination of all the best.

    JerryLee Farm came to be when Jerry and Lee were married in 1990 and located our merged family on a picturesque homestead along the south side of the Palouse river east of Palouse, WA, south of Potlatch, ID, and west of Viola, ID.  The farm's name is for Jerry and Lee Bates and has been a joint venture of love, hardwork and vision.

1270 W. Cove Rd.
Viola, ID 83872-9799

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